Tuesday, August 17, 2010

♥)O(♥ GODDESS ARADIA ~~~ A Little Introduction ♥)O(♥

♥)O(♥ Goddess Aradia♥ Appears With Thick Long Silvery~White Diamond Starry Stellar Shimmering Hair & Bright Fair Skin! ♥Goddess Aradia♥ Is The Queen Of The Witches & ALL Magicks & The Protector Of ALL Witches! ♥Goddess Aradia♥ Has The MOON ♥Goddess Diana♥ As Her Mother & The SUN God Spoken Of As ♥Splendour♥ As Her Father! ~~~ ♥Goddess Aradia♥ Thus Has Both Lunar Goddess MOON & Solar God SUN As Her Parents & Beingness! ~~~ ♥Aradia's Mother♥ MOON ♥Goddess Diana♥ Shapeshifted Into The Form Of A ♥Magickal CAT♥ When She United With ♥Splendour♥ & Produced ♥Goddess Aradia♥ ~~~ ♥Aradia♥ & ALL Beloved Cats Are Merged As ONE! ~~~ With ♥Aradia's♥ EARTH & MOON~LUNAR & SUN~SOLAR Combination & Her Own Unique Inherent Being ~ ♥Aradia♥ Has Made it Known & She Appears As A Cozmic Starry ♥STELLAR GODDESS♥ Both Filling ALL Nature & Beings With Her Immanence Beingness Spirit Magicks & Her Spirit As The Infinite Magickally Powerful Cozmic Stellar Stars Of ALL Galaxies! ~~~ ♥Goddess Aradia Urges Her Witches To ♥Follow The Moon♥ & By Doing So She May Also Reveal To Them Her ♥Stellar Mysteries!♥ ~~ My Most Beloved ♥Goddess Aradia♥ Has Revealed Much More To Me About Herself & Many Things!♥

♥♥♥ A Few Words Spoken By ♥Goddess Aradia♥ ♥ "I Am The Daughter Of The Moon And The Sun, And Even Though I Have Been Born Into This World, My Race Is Stellar ~ Of The Stars." ♥♥♥

♥)O(♥ The Mostly Silent Elder Wise Stregha Witches Also Experience ♥Goddess Aradia♥ Thus! ♥♥♥ Goddess Aradia♥ Loves The Deep Verdant Enchanted Emerald Green Forests Magicks! ♥)O(♥

♥)O(♥ Bountiful Ambrosial Honey~Comb Intoxicated Buzzing Blessed Bees! ♥)O(♥